We give you a drag–and–drop File Manager, which features a number of time and effort saving applications like a built–in graphic viewer and a variety of file writers. You can make speedy uploads, archive/unarchive files, adjust permissions and much more. The resources are well–organized and very easy to get through with huge action buttons and right–click context menus. Check out the different software instruments and functions built–in the designstore01 File Manager.

Drag ’n’ drop file upload options

Transmit data files to your webpages with ease

The File Manager in your Web Site Control Panel features a quick, drag–and–drop functionality that will allow you to move files between your PC and your website hosting profile without having to employ an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client. You could pull files from your personal computer and drop them in your Web Site Control Panel with a mouse–click through a risk–free SSL connection.

The drag & drop function is built into the Web Site Control Panel, so that you don’t need to install any third party application to make use of it. It also works well on all popular Os’s, so all you need to do to make use of it is log into your File Manager.

Hepsia File Manager

Right–click context menus

Manage all files with only a click of the mouse

A large number of File Managers include all of the activities you can execute over a file or directory on the top of the web page. We feel that the latter isn’t properly arranged. Thanks to the File Manager, you can get all of the file administration options at the time you right–click a file or folder. This method is likewise applicable for a number of files/folders.

You can rename, copy, move, download, edit, preview, archive, unarchive and delete just about any file or directory you decide with merely a mouse–click.

Hepsia File Manager

Archive/Unarchive files

Archive or extract archive files in seconds

Not like a large number of file management interfaces and FTP clients, the designstore01 Web Site Control Panel provides a solution to archive/unarchive files much more speedily. It is well–designed. To have a directory reduced to a compact size, just pick it and then click the Compress button. To open up the items in an archived directory in your cloud hosting account, pick it and click on the Extract button. The File Manager supports many file extensions, including .ZIP, .RAR and .TAR.GZ.

Hepsia File Manager

Online file editors

The most rapid approach to customize your files

The File Manager will let you revise your files on the web server without having to download, modify and afterwards re–upload them. You’re able to modify your files straight away on the net, employing designstore01’s built–in editors. You will find a code editor offering syntax displaying for your .PHP or .JS files, a WYSIWYG editor for HTML files, along with a standard text editor for the more expert end users.

You can access every file editor with the right–click context menus. All of the changes made to the files will be reflected instantaneously online – you’re able to directly examine them within the web browser.

Hepsia File Manager