Inside the designstore01 Web Site Control Panel, you will find a number of Advanced Tools. They’re intended for cloud hosting customers who are experienced in maintaining their hosting environment. Still, as a result of the simple user interface in the Web Site Control Panel, they’re just simple to make use of, even for beginners. At the same time, we have introduced a wide range of comprehensive how–to tutorials that will assist first–time clients immediately find out how to make use of the tools!

Hotlink Protection

Safeguard yourself from data transfer theft

In the designstore01 Web Site Control Panel, you can actually instantaneously safeguard all of the images on your websites from being employed any place else without your approval. And you can do this with only a couple of mouse–clicks applying designstore01’s Hotlink Protection tool.

All you should do is simply choose the domain you intend to protect and then switch on the Hotlink Protection. Adjusts will be effective at once and your visuals will be guarded from unlawful use and traffic thievery.

Hotlink Protection

.htaccess generator

Automated creation of .htaccess files

By means of the .htaccess file, you can quickly take control of your website – configure redirections, make password protected directories, and so much more. Through the designstore01 Web Site Control Panel, you can quickly generate brand new .htaccess files by making use of our highly effective .htaccess Generator.

You do not have to know anything at all as related to .htaccess files to operate designstore01’s .htaccess Generator. Simply indicate the modifications you desire to make using the tool’s easy–to– navigate interface and it is going to immediately create the needed code for you.

.htaccess Generator

IP blocking

Prevent malicious IPs from your site

If you need to stop a spammer from your site, an online troll in your discussion board as well as a a collection of IP addresses flooding your site, you should make the most of designstore01’s straightforward IP blocking tool. It allows you to immediately block out an IP address or even a an entire IP array from ever being able to view your web site.

designstore01’s IP Blocking tool is admittedly quick. What you need to actually do is type in, the IP address (and / or addresses) that you would like to bar and press the action button. All of the IP addresses you’ve entered are going to be blacklisted instantly.

IP Blocking